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Friday, July 8, 2011

Way many years before what im now, im a fat chubby student who eat n eat.
Slowly, i become more vain..I wann slim..Sumhow i succeeded..
But that only last for few days...

Ypu can obviously see my thigh and arms..OMG!

One dau, TSS invtated me to an Bio Essence Inch loss Event.

Thats when i start gymming.:D

This two magic potion really works well with regular exercise and also....DIET

You can see im "CURVY" and i wasnt happy as i cnt fit in most of my clothes..=(

Then i started gymming and cntrol my diet plus the heat cream.

The more intensive kind.. Extremely hot!
And my hardwork pays abit, from 49kg...withing a month..42kg.

My mum always force me to eat.
If you think you cnt slim.Then stay home sleep more..Will definitely reduce FAT.
Actually have abit still la!:D

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