Kissable Lips? Lip Ice new launch!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shimmer lips

OR Strawberry lips?

Bringing you more than just moist and *ATTENTION*

Many wonders, if my lips tends to dry when using lip balm or other lip gloss.

And yes, it's funny and weird that most lips blams and lip smacker only gave you moist for a short time and the colour doesnt last!
Thanks Lip ice and TSS for product advert.
The chance to experience something different from usual.

All along i've been using nivea lip doesnt seems to really work well. And that colour doesnt stays!INTRODUCING THIS TWO CURRENT NEW LIPS SMACKER.

The shades of Strawberry and Shimmer is ALmostthe same just that the shimmer ones, have got those glitterish stuff. And tell you, the colour stays the whole day even after my food.


You will hate running in n out of toilets just to apply lipstick.

Thats annoying.I FEEL YOU!:D

Something you will love it when you try it!

I love the scent and it's totally..SO SO SO FEMININE.

Even in my work i use it..

This pinkish lips goes well with that formal look.

Reducing the PALENESS and i look healthier!:D
Sorrry for the bad lighting.

But you can still see my lips are red.

No longer zombie looking!:D

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