LOVEMORE Japan Eletric Ore Reviews

Monday, May 14, 2012

Notice my face and neck tone is now much more even out as compare to few entries before this?

Much more fairer, natural and healthier?:D

Even since i started my working life, lack of sleep, lack of nutrient. Lack of this la..lack of that uh..
I become darker too! As im exposing to the sun so often that i start to go out for lunch just to avoid the sun!!!!

What's worst, im still getting darker. Then i realise, most lights in our house or office contain UV ray too!!
Even you're not out in the sun, you will also become tan somehow.So i always hide my arms and legs with my sweater in my office..

And you can imagine how i sit, totally unglam.:D

Now the next problem comes into story.

How to i get a protection of my face n neck?
Somebody might have hit your head from the back saying, "STUPID LA, SUNBLOCK LA"

I would say, partially and logically it works. BUT....

Other than using sunblock, all those defense and protection, nourishing and revitalising your skin is the most important ones that w must include in our daily routine. Make it a habit to protect and nourish our skin before it's too late!

Receive my new Mask from Secretive Pte Ltd


Japan Electric Ore Mask

+ 5cm neck care Double Lifting Mask.

· Love More is one of the Best Selling Mask Brands in Singapore

Pretty interesting. Extra 5cm mask extension to masked our neck??

YES!Innovative. And it works!

Do you realise our neck have those fine lines or what you call folds....?

Yea. it's a sign of aging and sagging due to dehydration and in-adequate protection.

This helps to nourish your neck, reduce fold/lines on your neck and also helps to even out skin tone of your face and neck.

AMAZING HUH!:) The content absorb into my skin effectively and my skin feel much more supply after the 20mins masking. True la..which mask which doesnt give you that look? Those doesn't you can throw away already.. But whats good bout this and why love more Electric Ore  lifting mask can totally replace a few more steps of your daily skin care routine? BECAUSE.....

• Extended 5cm neck care "hive pattern mask" imported from Japan fits tightly onto your neck, and improves neckline and dull neck colour.

• With an extra of 50% Q10 to improve skin's elasticity, the moisture retention on your skin improves from 32% to 46%, turning your skin softer, smoother and full of moisture!

Love More uses imported luxury duo lifting masks from Japan, and specially
formulated whitening essence to take care of your face and neck by whitening and
moisturising at the same time.

Other than the 5cm extra neck care, the upgraded version of the hive pattern 3D mask, the exclusive multilayer elastic weave mask fits perfectly onto your face and neck and allows the mask essence to be absorbed totally.

Dull and dark skin is caused by various reasons.

Therefore, a lot of time is wasted to find the correct firming products.

+ 5 cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask Extra 5cm neck care mask

+ extra 50% of Q10 to transform you fairer in triple ways in one action.

When used twice a week, this Japan Electric Ore Lifting Mask can protect and improve skin condition which is harmed and troubled due to external environment!

· Love More masks are available exclusively at selected Watsons Stores. Visit for more product information.

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