Love more & Sexy Look Mask Review

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Received new masks from Secretive Pte Ltd .

It’s time to spring clean your skin! Sexy Look brought to you the ALL NEW INNOVATIVE Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask . Infused with activated carbon to help detox your clogged pores, eliminate impurities and excessive sebum.

Combined with Far-Infrared (FIR) releasing effect, this pure cotton mask gives your skin 3 times better absorbability.

Asides from bringing you the Best Selling 3D mask from Taiwan – Sexy Look, Secretive also offers you a sparkling skin indulgence with Love More.

Your skin deserves the best of all ingredients!! Lovemore brings you yet another great premium-ingredient masks to pamper your delicate skin!

 Our skin exposes to many harmful chemicals in the air. Causes us to breakout, loses its vitality, firmness and causes pigmentation like dark spots and freckles.

Myself has got really bad scars formation, due to lack of sleep and hydration. Even i didnt pick on my pimple. Partially because of my heavy makeup.

Well, the black mask would work like a detox machine and help us to eliminate all bad toxin in our face and recharge our skin this 20mins of relaxation.
 My lil secret to firm lifting skin:D
 Next, the black caviar Mask!
Fights against aging, regain youthful skin - French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask (5pcs/box), enriched with French Sturgeon Black Caviar!
I personally feels that its more of hydrating and vitality recharging.
after the use of it, my skin are brighter and much radiance and bouncy as before when i woke up next morning. Firming effect not drastically obvious but i believe it will work if you are hard working enuff to use it 3 times a week! for as long as possible.Give urself 1 month okay!:)

Now on store! Available at Watsons!

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