NutriFirst Dermal Korea Mask

Saturday, July 21, 2012

 Few weeks ago receive this bunch of Korea mask from NutriFirst.
15 pieces of each type!
Im a mask fanatic, this mask really do me good!:D

I uses 3 times week.And its pretty neutral. No skin irritation.
Suitable for sensitive skin!

Directions: set your mask nicely on your face, lay down and relax for 20mins. You can also add your ampoule or moisturising lotion on the mask for more hydrating effect.

For me i actually pat in my HADA LABO Lotion unto the mask and i concuss for 20 mins before removing the mask off my face. 
Don't count ah, masks in image were lesser than 15 pieces becos i used it before i took the image!




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