Sunplay Watery Cool Series

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Introducing you the new:

Sunplay Watery Cool Series 

Sunplay Watery Cool SPF65 PA+++

Sunplay Watery Cool SPF65 contains Menthol that provides a cool refreshing sensation. It has a Revolutionary Watery Liquid Formulation that gives you the protection that you need, without you feeling a thing!

• Highly water resistant
• Ideal for face & body 

Sunplay Watery Cool Mist SPF75 PA+++

It is an easy-to-apply sunscreen with high SPF75 protection that repels harmful UV Rays away, so you stay cool and protected.

• High UVA and UVB protection
• Water resistant, long lasting for all kinds of outdoor activities
• Easy-to-apply one touch aerosol spray, applies evenly to whole body
• Its Icy Cool Menthol formulation gives you refreshing relief on a hot, sunny day

It pretty light and absorbs quick into our skin. 
I LIKE!!:)

Its has got lil bit of refreshing menthol scent.

Easy to apply , SPRAY AND GO
Office lady, this would be something you would love alot!!

Just so you know, the lighting in your office releases UV ray too. If you realise, even you were not out in the sun often but you deosnt seems to get fairer or maybe tanner? 

I would recommend you this products. Spray and thats all. Avoid weird eye contact when you do that sexy move applying sunblock outside.:D

Now selling at only S$17.90-150ml
Available at Watsons!

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