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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

 Dinner at sunset grill.
Level 7. This time 6pieces of wings only.
OMG! Too hot for me.

 My eldest sis and bro disturbing Jared.
So cute. I guess jared's the cutest baby i have seen. HAHAHA
 Fat penguin with the Angry birds.
 The day i had my hair dye platinum ash.
 3rd day of my roadshow, im tired and lazy. I decided to have two eyeliner less.
 Had alot of food. 
Well, i couldnt feel my waist anymore:(
The last day of my roadshow standing 9hrs each day.
Finally i got a monday off.. Sleeping away.
 Following day, WORK again.
Today, im slightly abit more enegetic. I had full makeup on.
My lady boss having good mood.
Keep praising me.

I got my hair cut. And 4inches shorter. I miss those long messy lock.

Well, i guess it's call, changing a look for 2013.
And that particular look is for parent meeting session only.
anyway, i can get shiseido hair products at half price. WHO WANT WHO WANT.
New year resolution. To earn & save as much as i can.
Be less bad tempered and less lian. *I will try ah*
Im happy that i got confirmed for my job. 3months of hardwork.
I wanna get my teeth braced. Just that i do not have enuff $$$ for that.
Period. I dont hate my teeth but it would be good if i could get it done.
For at least, i know i will looked good on my wedding portrait. 
Giving that billion bucks smile. :D
thanks for reading my nonsense. 
Enjoy ur day! WOOT~

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