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Monday, January 14, 2013

Lunch at aston.

 Camwhore awhile. HAHA

 Our salad and side dishes on the house.
I love my steak. Do you?
I ever tried a steak that practically melt in your mouth. 
I cant remember where is it.
This steak we ordered medium rare still kind chewy.
 The red thingy is beet root.
Very good for slimming and health.

 Sunday, Jem brought his Sparky to see Pasta.

Sparky barely 1 years old.

Pasta already 4.

Such a cute scene. We are witnessing DOUBLE TROUBLE.

Sparky cant stopped running and chasing pasta.

Pasta went to hide under the table to rest. And sparky do not dare to go in! HAHAHA.. Aww..

                                                         We went to DOGGY STYLE Cafe@Nex..


While waiting for her food, she goes around stealing other doggie's food.

Our human food. Honestly, not worth the price. Pastamania still the best. HAHAHA..or i would say, i cooked a better pasta. =X
 Sparky's Chicken Pie. One naughty pup retriever steal his food.
Two mouth, half the pie gone. OMG.
Went home to catch TAXI TAXI again with my parent.

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