Ah Lam's Abalone noodle

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Met up with Sheena For lunch at 313.
Dark eye rings from too much candy crush at night:(
Was thinking of going browhaus for their brow resurrection. Hmmm
 My pretty annyeong babe.
Had Dinner & movie [The Crood]
The Lam's abalone noodle. 
They are using the Giant topshell or locos for this noodle. Instead the usual vegetarian abalone slice.
There's scallop too!

$6.50, not very cheap and the potion was small.
Good for those who was having their diet. HAHAHA
Salted Chicken was also their signature dish.
Wanted to try, but was full alr.
Anyway, this week gonna be tight! So much activities yo! Heh

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