Daddy and Samantha's bday!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

 Daddy's bday!
Went to Cosford rd House of Seafood.

 Creamy crab  black pepper crab for the night. YUMMY!

 Some coffee pork rib.
And we had other two dishes where i didnt manage to get some shot. Too busy eating. HAHAHA

My dad looked darn happy yo. My granny was happy too!
In fact, it's like a full family portrait this time. Everyone's here. A Significant sight.
 My happy family.
Full house. Much love.

Sunday,they went for a swim.
And i went for a drown. HAHA
Cant swim for nuts.

 After wild wild wet, we met up with their family for Samantha's bday dinner at DoZo, river valley.
The food was good!
Our starter, Smoke salmon, foiegras and scallop.
 Tataki beef. fresh beef with no beefy taste.
 Crab soup cappucino style.
 Pork cheek. Super tender and super fat.

 Fruity chill drink.

 The smiley face dessert to end our dinner.
 We all were very well fed that night. Their fine dine portion was not very fine yo.
Quite a decent portion. And worth of money too.
Service- excellent.
Another happy family.
Awsome weekend. Heh
It was an interesting session of soul mate matching for jeremy as well.
Hmm.. and a day i felt so fat again. LOL
 Happy birthday Sammy!!Stay youthful and beautiful yo!!XOXO
from: someone who is really bad at blessing. :(

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