Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Friday, May 31, 2013

Cleanse & Cleanse & Improve. 1 minute is all you need.

Japanese ladies put alot of (2-3X effort) on cleansing to generate consistence smooth fluffy foam with foam net to clean better with finer bubble.

So troublesome!!!;(

What Biore brings us now not only give us baby smooth skin and also hassle free cleansing method to get the effective result daily.

So what's ideal foam for cleansing????:)

This is the lousy foam!
 Now Biore has come out with three types of skin type foam.
And ...
  • Formula has been improved for a Regular and Extra Moist .
  • Foam has bubble smaller than pores for more effective cleansing.
  • Skin Purifying Technology to cater to different needs of T & U-zone
  • Now with its Award-winning skin Purifying Technology , it allow skin to regain its natural 28 days rejuvenation cycle  for clearer, suppler, brighter skin.

One pump and you have got the heaven & earth.
This is so time efficient.
Imagine yourself spending just 2mins to rub out some pathetic foam just for your daily
cleansing. God, this is hell.
Need not say about get this kinda result.
And you have to get a net to perform the magic. HOW TROUBLESOME!

Marshmallow Whip
Facial Wash
(Normal/combination skin)
 It gives you a baby smooth skin, clarify & hydrate your skin.
Texture: Soft & Fluffy

Marshmallow Whip
Facial Wash Extra Moist
(Dry skin)
 It gives you an extra boost in hydration & moisturising level for you skin.
Contain 40% of beauty essence. Hydrating your skin while clarifying.
And a soft & supply touch.
Texture: Soft & Creamy

  Marshmallow Whip
Facial Wash Acne Care
(Oily skin)
Contain Anti-bacterial ingredient & its Non-comedogenic.
Gives you a refreshing feel after wash.
Hydrating your skin while clarifying.

Texture: Light & Bouncy

Personal opinion:
I believe it helps to hydrate my skin.My skin does feel more supply & also much 
bouncyafter the 4th day of usage.

PH balancing wise, there's room for improvement.
Not sure its the weather that is causing my skin breakout and turn oily.
Probably take sometime to see the result of a more purifying & clarifying skin!:D
 One must keep a intimating relationship with their skincare regime. I must admit im quite lazy at times.I skip sunblock & toner and hydratingg cream almost every night.:(
Cant blame any products efficiency. HAHAHA
If you're lazy, you gonna be ugly. Complaining ugly without doing something bout it?
You ought to be thrown into the well you know.

Stop complaining!
& Get started.
Get you Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash at Watson,hypermarkets & Pharmacies now.

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