Tuesday, June 4, 2013

 Saturday event with CURE.
Was a super Sunny & Humid day!HAHA

 Japalan crew were so attentive to our needs and also the display and deco of these cute thingy. Heh
 Was a pleasant gathering with the other bloggers.

 We Dance...We had food..Games... We have Q&A quizzes.
 OH YA!The main item for this summer cure event was on
These boys have to warm themselves up, before their catwalk & poses.

 Good to see familiar faces! HELLO PRETTIES.
 So our super fun loving Emcee picking couples up for CURE challenge.
Trying out cure gel on the area that they have pick from box.
This gorgeous couple picked cuticle.
And you probably didnt realised that our cuticle do have alot of dead skin!
Yea..and the result was amazing. 

Me myself and I used Cure.
I used it on faces and also on ARMPIT area. HAHA
You know, shaving can cause shadows and so on.

So, it does work a little for me.
Of course, shaving is not the best option, CURE NATURAL AQUA GEL is something that reduce the ugliness you see.

It's worthy the price as you know something that works for you in maintaining your youth & shine YET NATURAL. Result proven not just visually, feel and touch but also every 12sec one bottle 
was sold in Japan.

Let me show you the Magic Ingredient here!

Click to enlarge if its too small!:D

CURE is made of 91% revitalized hydrogen water and natural plant extracts of aloe vera, 

gingko and rosemary. Contains NO Alcohol, Colouring, Fragrance or Preservatives. 

You Leh Long your Exfoliator 3 for $10 also dont know can sell one in 1min anot.
These are the 3 cute Cure Boys who won the round.
And VOTE for your fav Dream Cure Boy!

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