Tonsillectomy surgery done

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

 Had my tonsil removed last friday. The pain's BAD.
First and second day, i could hardly swallow water. Even with painkiller.
Doctor told me i can have ice cream. So i decide to settle down at haagen daaz for these treats. and honestly, this is one damn period of time when im kind of feared ICE CREAM.
My awesome breakfast. Cheese dough. Soft and creamy.
Good for my throat.
 Imma food person, telling me to stick to plain lame porridge, you might as well kill me.
I gurp down alot of water and it still hurts. Physically i cant be happy, i might as well emotionally satisfy myself with food. right?? HAHAHA
 Had Koh grill & Sushi Bar for my 2nd day of recovery.
Now, chinese. All taste bland without my favourite blacan chilli:(
 So met up with Gloria, kelvin & howard for dinner. And i ordered something light and bland.
Towards the end of that bowl, my throat decide to have some itchy reaction.
T.T this is a joke pls.. joke on me.
The pain is just hard to imagine till u experience it.
Hmm.. hope i wouldnt get fever anymore after this.
And also, speedy recovery for me so i could get my teeth braced sooner too!



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