my awesome long weekend!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our partners in crime staycation at Studio M.
The day i had 2 sets of mcdonalds. The day i feel like a pig.

Awesome meetup with Jen, her fren and Chris .
 Italian at La Pizzaiola and Chill at Bishan Canopy.

 Primary schoolmates gathering! ^^ At delicious cafe, Scotts Square & playnation.
Where the half of our group goes????
Anyway, spot the Andy Lau Junior, on my left. HAHAHA
Happy 28th Chris! Wild Honey's awesome.
The other day...
We went for Paradise Inn for dinner And chill at Robinson quay.
 He had me feel like it's my birthday everytime i see him.
He dote me so much! Heh
Had an awesome old movie at E2Max enjoying my Canele macaroons. Aww.. So happy! 
Having macaroons two days straight. I prefer Canele ones. It's Fluffier :D

 Okay, my long weekend is a FAT DIE ME week.
Dont care, im happy!

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