K-Palette Sweet As Chocolate Tea Party

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Attended K-Palette Makeup Demo on sunday morning.
They did a Hot & Sexy Eye makeup for me with khaki green & brown eyeshadows.
Unique combination of colours. Awesome.
Check out those cupcakes. So cute. ^^
Later at 3pm, i attended their Sweet As Chocolate K-Palette Tea Party @ Bliss House.
Not a sweet feminine person, so i wore black to that party. 
But a sweet face is good to go right? HAHAHAHA

Introducing the latest DEEP BROWN real lasting eyeliner.
And also latest Mascara that contain an amazing ingredient that would help your lashes to grow and strengthens them too. 

"The new sweetheart in town"

The smudge proof and tear resistant is now STRONGER than the previous ones, dry instantly, contain beauty cosmetic ingredient like Hyaluronic Acid, Water Soluble Collagen and Swertia Japonica Essence which is suitable for sensitive skin and delicate to our eye area. 
This is what we LADIES want right?!

Brown gives a softer touch to our eyes. And black is way to strong if you wanted something more feminine, gentle, sophisticated & sweet. 

I obviously do not blend in. These are so cute & sweet.
And probably i should try that look one day. Be a Gf Material, girl next door look for 24hours hopefully, i looked good with that look eh? :D
Our master piece with K Palette Products.
Later part of this post, you will get to see my Doppelganger.
 Director of K palette doing a short speech.
He's a "Kawaii" man. Cute! 
Japalan Team have invited K-Palette's elite Japanese Makeup Artist, Ms. Aya Umehara
to conduct 3 makeup demos to achieve different looked with their products.
Look 1 : Hot & Sexy look.
Look 2: Sweet candy look
Look 3: Kawaii youthful Look. 
Familiar faces! HEH
Hello Hayley & Fidelis. And i met new friends too. Nadnut & Esther. woo...
Awesome day out.

The 2D version of me. And how i usually do my makeup.
Let me introduce you, my doppelganger, SALLY.

The look with all K Palette products.
K-Palette 24H Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Line 

K-Palette - 24 Hr Real Lasting Eyeliner - $19.90 nett. 

K-Palette - 1 Day Lash Perm (not obvious here) HAHA SORRY!

K-palette Oil Control Zero Teka Matt Powder

K-palette Eyeshadow No.2

The rest of the pricing please visit sasa store! Can't remem ber all. HAHA

The one-day lash perm look here:
This is a One coating look.
If you are looking for a more dramatic or dolly eyes style, 2-3 coating is good .
Thank you Japalan & K Palette for these delightful gift.
They are awesome yo.

You can get them at Most SASA store now. *WINK*

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