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Friday, December 20, 2013

I’ve always wanted a full luscious healthy looking lips. If you have read about my past entry on makeup tutorial. I would never missed out on LIPS contouring steps. To create a really nice lips bow and a visually fuller looking lips.

 I am a heavy coffee drinker and very much to say my lips are pretty dull and dry looking. I have to apply heavily tinted lipstick to conceal the existing lips colour. 

The re-applying process after every meal is really not FUN at all. And my lipstick is not cheap! Cheap lipstick on market will cause darkening to lips and I am not taking the risk!

So, I googled information on lips brightening and lips enhancing treatment and it leads me to a beauty forum talking about The Best Beauty lips enhancing treatment. 

Positive feedbacks from existing customer encourages me to find out more about them. And that’s where I started my “PERMANENT BEAUTY JOURNEY”.

So..Why  Lips  Enhancement ?
Healthy-looking lips bestow the bloom of youth. Rosy lips add a dash of colour that brightens up the
entire face. Your skin tone, age and personal preference all come into play when custom-blending
the ideal lip colour. Uneven lip colour, lips that are too pale or too dark can all be corrected. 

Using the BB Soft Touch technique, a flattering, semi-permanent lip colour will be gently filled in. 
The effects will last 3 to 5 years. Light up the world with your smile. With naturally-flushed lips that give your face a healthy and radiant aura, you have every reason to do so.

The Best Beauty Centre appointed a specialist for me on a Sunday morning. And you know, Sunday are usually my hibernating period but surprisingly I am able to wake up on a morning. 

( O.o )!

Because PERMANENT BEAUTY worth MORE than my “lazy” Sleep. PLUS, they are finally free for me. Their appointment are usually packed and mainly the returning customer. This shows how good they are in getting return HAPPY customer which you seldom get to see it at most salon.

Okay here we go….

Had a short consultation with the Specialist and she recommended me a Blossom red shades which is suitable for my skin tone.  She started off using lips pencil drew the lining out and fill in the shades for me to see if im satisfy with the shape and shades.

Satisfy with it and we proceed to the treatment. She applied a numbing cream over my lips for about 15-20mins. My lips started to feel little tingling sensation.. 

When I touch my lips, it doesn’t feels like im touching my own lips. HAHAHA GOOD SIGN. A good numbing cream should give you that effect.

After that, she started using a machine going through my lips lining and shading it in. Follow by a after care cream for my lips.Painless!(bearable) and there’s a little tingling feeling as said to be the numbing cream effect. COOL!! The whole process takes about 20-30mins.

Here’s the result. Gorgeous bright luscious lips!
Last but not least, a little blessing to all of you who is reading this entry! 
May you all have a rosy kissable lips for this Xmas & New year.

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BB Lip Enhancing Treatment.

    Visit their page for more info:


TEL : 6352 8101 FAX: 6352 1670


TEL : 6732 1160 FAX: 6734 1160

301 Boon Lay Way #01-16 Boon Lay MRT Station Singapore 649846 TEL: 6791 9002

1 Jurong West Central 2. #B1-107, S648886 (Near DBS Bank) TEL : 6792 8168

30 SEMBAWANG DRIVE,#02-07 SUN PLAZA, S757713 TEL : 6886 9515 FAX : 6886 9525

2 Tampines Central 5,#02-05. S529509 TEL : 6588 3761

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