Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Had my second service with them. Best Beauty introduces me to their eyeliner embroidery.
The first thing that came to my mind was that ugly blunt green lining on most aunties eyelid.

I addresses my concern to them and they told me the result of today is very different from the past.
They provide the latest eyeliner mimic technology to achieve a painless, safe, precise & accurate lining for the customer. 

They shown me few examples of the eyeliner mimic and pretty much to say I'm very excited to try it out! HAHA!

Subtly-lined eyes bedazzle all with their charm. The intensity of the colour, even throughout or
tapered inwards, wingtip or not – these are considerations our specialists make when they look at
your eyes. The BB Soft Touch Eyeliner is finely drawn near the upper lash line to create the illusion of
thicker lashes, resulting in more defined eyes. Droopy eyes look more alert and single-lidded eyes
appear bigger and brighter with well-applied eye liner. With smudge-proof and precisely drawn
eyeliner, maintaining a fuss-free beauty routine is a breeze. Just a swish of mascara and eyes will be
reawakened with a sparkle.

Had a short consultation with their specialist on the type of liner I am looking at and she starts shaping the lining on my eyes. Then, we proceed on the treatment. She cleanses my eye area, applied numbing cream 
and let it rested for about 15-20mins.

They are really nice that while waiting for the cream to set in, they would talk/chit chat with me instead of the Awkward silence in a room or some might probably started to hard sell you on their services/products.

A little discomfort during the numbing process BUT its all bearable. :D
I must say, im very impress by their numbing cream. After the whole process, the numbing effect is still there.

She started using a hand held pen-like machine going through my eyelids.

It’s NOT PAIN AT ALL! The lining process takes about 40mins only? Very time efficient.
So if you are working nearby, your can probably take your lunchtime down to Best beauty for touching up or to had your first eyeliner embroidery done!

Define eyes in less than an hour! Xoxo

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