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Ah…of all steps of my makeup. My eyebrow consume most of my time. Believe it or not.

A: 20mins

To achieve the soft yet well define thick brows really take skills and time. Especially people who have no eyebrow, or short brows, extremely thin brow, or light brow or brows with holes in the middle. Tell you, to achieve a good eyebrow visually is a big project!

Let’s check out the victims of UGLY BROWS. FYI, Im an ex-convict of Brow crime too!

So, i read some review on their eyebrow embroidery.
Get me all excited again! HAHA
Let me exposed my inner secret to you all now.

I’ve thick & short sparse brow. Left side looking like NICOLE HIGHWAY ROAD(hole in middle).
Very asymmetrical brow which causes the whole entire jawline looked heavy and extremely asymmetrical as well.

Properly shaped eyebrows bring out the best features of your face and your eyes. Eyebrow embroidery mimics real eyebrows and the result is long-lasting and natural-looking. Eyebrow embroidery is ideal for those who like swimming and active sports. The process takes only 45min and lasts for 2 to 3 years.

Since the eyebrows are semi-permanent, they are fuss-free and can help you save time when
applying makeup, as you do not need to draw your eyebrows anymore.

At The Best Beauty, their eyebrow specialists will analyze your facial shape and features to customize
a look that brings out your best features.Their specialists will begin work after you are completely
satisfied with the look.

Using their BB Soft Touch technique, colour will be placed just under the epidermis with the use of a
handheld micropen. This technique uses Korean-engineered Micropen and a blend of hairstroke
technique and soft colouring.

It has been perfected to give the impression of ultra fine hair strokes, simulating the look of real hair. Where necessary it’ll be combined with soft shading to create beautiful natural brows. The process takes about an hour to complete. Their skilled and gentle eyebrow specialists will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the entire process.


Geomancy Eyebrows Leonardo Da Vinci, the 15th century Italian Renaissance painter, created the Mona Lisa and other great works of art.
The secret behind this is his application of the Golden Ratio. The Best Beauty also employs the use of this in the customising of the most suitable eyebrow for you.

Let’s take a look at the chart of faceshape that suits a certain eyebrow style.

Mine’s a long face shape with a little diamond.

Eyebrow Specialist consulted me on the eyebrow shapes im interested to do.  So I shamelessly requested for a Korean brow! HAHAHAS

I opt for the generation 5 technics(advanced generation) where the strokes are more refine, detailed and natural.

So, she started using eyebrow pencil stroking out a design for me. Pretty satisfy with the shape and we proceed on with the treatment.

Check out those awesome strokes! EYEBROW STROKING LEVEL :1000X
She shaped out my brow & started applying numbing cream on them.


 After the numbing cream set in. The Specialist uses a machine started creating new strokes line resembling real brow.

It’s not painful at all, but you could feel the 15 micro needle in a “pen” like equipment striking across the skin. Well, it’s not as scary as what I mention here thou! CHILL! It’s just painless but you could still feel the vibration. Hahaha. Those needle are so fine that it does not leave scarring on your epidermis after the process/treatment.

RESULT: waking up to natural looking Korean brows that last 2-3years. SAVE 20mins of my time everyday. The process takes about 30 mins. Totally worth the price!
The first 3-4 days, your brow definitely will looked brownish, slowly it will fade to a natural greyish brow. The fade im referring here is not “LUP SEK” (hokkien of colour fade). The colours are meant to be greyish. 

The specialist gave me a antiseptic cream for my brows and also recommended me
BIO-STRATA GROWTH FACTOR SERUM(helps eyebrow and eyelashes to grow, volume up in time and promotes healthy hair follicles through the roots.


Here’s a little gift for you:
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