Need No injection for a fairer skin

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I belongs to the group of lucky girls who can never get tan and dark even after hours of sun bathing. Even I turned "black" after tanning, my skin will systematically switch my skin back to my original tone the following day. 

So few months back, I had really bad breakout that I'm desperately looking for a healing products for my post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. In short, "acne scars". And that was the only problem I had with my skin.

Yeah, I know... My makeup is damn good. You can't see a single bit of flaw. Haha

So, I discovered this product serum. It really helps my problems a lot. 

Not expensive at all. And the result is amazing. 
OST vitamin C20 serum. 
This is not a sponsored reviews. It's just me sharing some love to you guys! Yes yes, you're welcome. 

You can get this 30ml bottle at wish trend for just $19.99usd. 

I kinda sting abit everytime I used it. But I got used to it. Haha. 

Of course, results varied. For me, it's pretty fast. As I myself is going through bioptron light treatment from BONAFIDES. Which is helps the recovery/healing a lot faster. 

This bottle doesn't clog my pores nor cause me any breakout. 

But it's best advice to use it at night before bedtime only. Vit c is not suitable to use in day time. Chances of melanin darkening can tripled in exposure to uv rays. Why risk? Chill, and let that magic work in time yo.

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