Freedom to be yourself #OOTD [Featuring ADORE Comfort All Days]

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I don’t have a style. I dress anything that looked good on me. Anything I feel comfortable with.
Bright dresses, bodycons, hot shorts.. are all my favourite. Im pretty cool with any colours thou.
But when it comes to the time of the month, I became so ratchet. My dress code is restricted to only BLACK. Black for the entire week. Goodness. BORING! 
I looked like some fashion disaster.
Depressing enough, I have to deal with the cramps and worrying about the stains. My confident level dives deep into hell. 
With Adore, i can now maintain my fashion style be it whether day or night, any occasion. No longer have to miss out on the best things in life, after all, fashion is a girl’s best friend, RIGHT?
Be it PARTY, DATES, or Adventurous DAY OUT. Im so so so confident with whatever I wear. Active moments, long hours out, bad weather.. I know ADORE will  never fail me yo! :D
ADORE だいすき has been awarded WINNER Of Best Selling PREMIUM Sanitary Napkins Of The Year 2014 (Watsons HWB – Health Wellness Beauty) Award for the 2nd consecutive Year (2013 & again in 2014). If you haven’t tried it you really should!
ADORE Comfort All Days – a combo pack of 13s which was developed as an All-In-One convenience for anyone for the go. 
6pcs Day Pads | 24cm
3pcs Night Pads | 28cm
4pcs Light Flow Pad | 19cm
1 pack can last them through an entire period. 
All the 3 variants (Day, Night, Lite Flow) are made with :
Extra softness for Ultimate comfort
High absorbency (cleaner, fresher, drier)
Leak-proof base 
Green Compound Strip breakthrough technology that inhibits bacterial growth, promoting freshness and improves feminine hygiene, ANTI-ODOUR!!!

ADORE’s breakthrough technology features green compound strips bonded with far-infrared rays and nano Agᶧ, emits around 6100cm3/s (100 to 150cm2/s) of highly concentrated negative ions to effectively inhibit bacterial growth, promote freshness and improve feminine hygiene.
Adhesive Strip that sticks well yet gentle to my undies. AWESOME. *THUMBS UP*
The best part -  Leak proof base and their super slim formula allows me to go wild & free as and when I want, as long as I like. What more??? No clothing restrictions! 365 days, any colours any style is in my favour.
Where to buy ADORE - WATSONS, GIANT, SHENG SIONG and Selected Minimarts Islandwide.          


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