Gyoza-ya (饺子屋) @ Robinsons Orchard

Friday, August 22, 2014

Gyozaya bringing you an open concept Japanese dining experience at Robinson orchard Bl.
Ingredients are imported from Japan three times weekly.
Absolutely pocket-friendly too!!

Appetiser for you??


Boiled Dumpling with pork.
Not quite a Gyoza person. But I must say, their boiled dumpling kinda change my LIFE. It's by far the best I ever had. The skin wasn't too thick and the filling is as pack as my daily schedule and its so damn JUICY.

Pan Fried Dumpling with Pork.
Dipped in their special home-made sauce. *SLURPS*
What's so good bout this gyoza compare to the ones I always had at most Japanese restaurant is that,
this dumpling is not too Oily. Super crispy on the underside and chewy on the top.
Pan Fried Dumpling with Prawn!! (MY FAVOURITE)

Best Combo ever. You definitely should never walk away without trying this!

Special Pork Bone soup with Thick noodles.
Don't be fooled by the plain external. What you will be slurping in was the essence of pork bone in this base. If you prefer something Saltish, this would probably be something you would love it too. 
Their signature noodles: Jyajya Men
Eating can be fun too.
Don't finish the noodles!
Because there's an alternative ways of eating it.
By cracking an egg in your bowl, add some noodle soup towards the end.

There you go, one bowl, two taste two ways of enjoying it. 
TA DA~~~~~ Soupy style
Desserts time!
Yaki Azuki Gyoza (pan fried red bean dumpling)
Im loving the not too sweet Azuki filling with crispy exterior.

Matcha Icecream with Azuki paste and Mochi.
Seriously? This is one really cute and DAYUM dessert I've ever seen and tried.
Consider chilling around here after dinner with some beers and snacks.
Crispy chicken soft bones. I'm pretty full after all the dishes but this is too good to be missed.

Gyoza Ya

260 Orchard Road, B1-02A Robinsons Orchard, Singapore 238855
Tel: 6737 5581
Operating hour: 11.30am-10pm daily

Check out their facebook page for more info & updates.

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