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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Everyday is a new experience a new start a new me a new life. 
Went for my niece 1 year old bday dinner with fam.
Work and chilling with friends.
Friends of 7 years gathering - Korean brunch. I can't explain how much I love their oyster! Woohooo
Lastly, I had my first homemade bento by somebody special. Thank you for doting me. You're the best I ever had. 

Not forgetting my vry first surprise from him too. Feeling blessed and loved. Wee~ 

And my haopengyou joined me for food tasting for the first time. Thanks Paradise group for the invites to their launch of beauty in a pot. 
We love the freshness of the food and the service attitude provided by them.
Btw, their soup base does not contain MSG. Awesome! 

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