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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Have been receiving enquiries on how I keep in shape or manage to reduce hyper-pigmentation on my face..

First of all, I must admit I did not keep in shape at all. Unfortunately, am growing horizontally already. But of cz, I did squats when I'm bored at times. 

  1. Squats burn more calories than jogging. (Heard from many) I guess it sort of worked for me.
  2. Replaces carbs with more protein.
  3. Have moderate red meat. (contain acidic content that actually helps to burn fat)
  4. Replace desserts with Dark chocolate.
  5. Stand up, stretch and move around for 5 mins after every 2-3hrs sitting at your desk/on sofa.
  6. Ditch the 2-stop bus ride and WALK.
  7. Had an apple before you sleep. You need energy to burn fat throughout the night.
  9. One teaspoon peanut butter with 1 piece of bread and two soft-boiled eggs for breakfast.

How do I reduce/lighten my hyperpigmentation(scars) on face..
1. Exfoliate 
2. Sunblock in day 
3. Vit C serum at night 
4. Moisturise and hydrate 
5. Prevent acne reoccurring 

It really takes time thou. Hang on and you will never regret k! 

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