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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lovely hairdo by loveliest boy. I'm pretty anal about letting anybody to touch my hair. Well, he did a good job by convincing me with his skill. Nubbad, Love. Heh
Was having really bad knee ache and he used a permanent market to draw his knee just to make me feel better. How silly! He couldn't get rid of the ink for days. Hahahaha
Even used a liquid paper to draw his palm on the other day for me! Why so cuteeee? 
Deserve a big big kiss from me.
Been meeting my cousin and Elaine and Love these few weeks. Happy much. 
Selfie time. I hardly had the time to blog lately and finally I'm back. Been to places for awesome food..had my well-deserved gaming session and the best part, I quit drinking.
The reasons I'm growing horizontally. Gravitational pull is getting stronger these days. I know. Time to reflect on my binge eating habits. Awhhhh :(

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