Thank you Love

Sunday, January 4, 2015

You barge in my life with so much love. You doted me so well that I believe you're a gift from heaven. Every little things you did makes me happy. I would not risk to lose you and if I ever do, I lose my best friend, playmate, awesome chef, protector, personal stylist and lastly, the cleaner (kidding). You have my words, I will always love you right and appreciate you. You probably would not notice this entry because you don't read my blog!!! But when you actually do, I hope you are feeling the same as I am. I love the real you. Straight forward and honest. 
The call and text whenever you're free makes me feel how much you care for me and I feel secure all the time. This is not infatuation, I'm sure you're pretty much the one I've been waiting for. I hope one day I will be the one you loved the most too. My heart still beat fast whenever I'm with you. I end every night with you in my head. All I want you to know is that I will never take your love for granted. You dote and love me well and that is what keeps me happy. Really happy. Lastly, I will not give up on you just as you wouldn't give up on me too. I love you, always. 

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