Dinner date

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Had Hifumi@Marina sq for dinner with baby. Turning him into a food lover vry soon. Hehe
Kimchi oyster hotpot.
Beef Sukiyaki hotpot. 

Seeing this boy's smile makes me happy too. Please eat more. Haha!
Went back to his place. Got hungry again. So he prepared supper for me! 
Limpet with poached eggs curry maggi. Made with love and loads of it. Aww..
The best part is after my crazy slurping he said the most touching words ever to me..

"I will wash the bowl for you.."

Fwahhhhhh.... Every girls dream man. 
Knows how to cook and clean. 

Actually he had been doing that for me all these while thou. Hahahaha! I'm a blessed little girl. Thank you for doting me my Xiao feng! 感动! 
Btw, here's my fail attempt of fairy light arrangement for his room. 
It was supposed to look like this man. What happennnnnnn.... :( 
So I took a selfie for him. Hopefully it's a successful distraction for the ugly lights arrangement. Hahahaha! 

Oh btw, he just started blogging too! 

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