Love note

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Someone who loves me more than himself. Care selfishlessly and does not asked much anything from me but a faithful heart. 
Someone who abandon his ego, give in, listens to me and do all sorts of silly things to keep me happy.
For the past 9months, I wasn't looking for anyone. Just living my own life. Spending my night drinking and partying to past time. Till he appeared. 
The only one who is able to make me quit drinking without restricting me a single time. Somebody who finally gave me a reason to spend my weekend staying out without alcohol. Staying in without second thoughts. 
I'm amazed by how we've come so far. Someone who challenged me to be a better person for myself.
He definitely set the bar for many singaporean man, needless to say. (He spoil market one) 
Despite he's known for his temper, he never had once flared his temper at me even when I'm being demanding.
Someone who cooks a good meal and especially eggs for me. Offered to wash the dishes. Massage for me when my back are aching or my bad knees are acting up on me. Even trust me enough to surrender his saving and salary to me. 

We both know that we can live without each other but it will be happier to be together and that is enough. 
I love you B. I'm thankful to have you in my life and yes, I will not forget you that fast. No matter what happens, we will have each other's back. Xoxo 

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