Saturday, May 30, 2015

You might have heard of crab in d bag, dancing crab..etc.. But this one is really one place you should never missed! 

3 different flavours for their sauce, 3 level of spiciness. An array of seafood selections to please your appetite. 

It's my Virgin experience of eating without utensil! 
Love their interior. Feels like dining on ship. :D 

Graffitti while waiting, people? 
Crispy Cod fish were served as their appetiser. It's damn good people. I've never tasted something like that anywhere. Btw, that's their hot seller during the Chinese New Year period where people can actually purchase it at only $10 per tin back as CNY snacks to serve their guest. 

We had Captain's combo, consist of 1kg Sri Lanka Crab, 500gms of tiger prawn. 
A set of fish and chips and baguette to dip for our captain's combo sauce of our choice. 
Not somebody who fancy fish and chips. But this one definitely has gotten my heart every bite. Look at that fish! This one is super tender and succulent unlike the ones we had outside(not gonna mention any names), their dry looking fish we had outside had me pushed it aside after a few bites. 
We had their signature sauce and spiciness at Medium. Not too hot. :) 
If you like your sauces strong, this place definitely surpass my expectation. 

That mess.... Hohoho! 

So, $98 for a Captain's combo is reasonable. 

Plus, you can actually bring that remaining sauce back and freeze them! Take them out and use it as bread spread. Taste equally as good when it's hot. :D 
A shot with the founder of F.O.C. Eldric
Thanks for the dinner and of course we enjoyed the meal a lot. 
Not forgetting the super super good service attitude from their staff. 
We took notice of their staff behaviour towards the other customers as well and I can't emphasize how polite and friendly the FOC team were! 5 stars to this restaurant. Here's the venue: 

           195 East Coast Road
              Singapore 428900

                 Tel: (65) 6348 8195

Opening Hours (from 17th June onwards)
Close on Tuesday.
                6.30pm - 10.30pm
Sat - Sun11.30pm - 2.30pm

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