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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Finally managed to breeze through my jam-packed schedule on a Saturday. Here I am, at One Place Western Bistro & Bar with my loveliest boy, Den, we have a wonderful night chilling away with these awesome food here. 

Im definitely one of them who associate Jalan Kayu with Roti Prata. Needless to say, I'm quite astound to find out this nice place for two(of course, for friends and family too) at Jalan Kayu. 

Well-served by the O.P team and this is probably one of their main draw here. Very cozy and very relaxing too. We were introduced to their upcoming new Menu and two of their gonna-be popular cocktails.

We were there around 6.30 and the ambience feels like 8. Well, I'm guessing,  happy hour starts early! *huge grin* 
A huge portion with nett pricing bistro and bar is hard to find. This is what we had! 

I can't help leaving the popcorn chicken and their nacho with their special-made cheese dip alone even after the mains. Damn, they are addictive. These small bites which is not small in portion are best with few beers after the main. 

Here comes our main!! 
Hawaii chicken chop with mushroom sauce for me. Nubbadddd~ paired it with sausage for an extra oomph. 
And black pepper lamb chop for him. Not too much seasoning that dilutes the natural taste of lamb. Not tender but it's definitely chew-friendly. 
Sangria will be on their new Menu by July. This is one fruitilicious cocktail. For the ones who does not like too much of alcohol taste. 
Not forgetting their super refreshing lime mojito. :D

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One Place Western Bistro & Bar
273, Jalan Kayu Singapore 799501

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Samson +6581258548 

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