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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Met up with my lover and he got me a gold bracelet for my bday. Aww..
Check out this little bear! I've got hearts and bells too. Haa. Yes, I picked em. Who says only baby wore them! 
Oh!!! What I had for dinner? Chilling out with him at One place bistro. Freaking love their nacho with special-made cheese. Will be reviewing it on my next post. Stay tune! 
Back to me and him. Fooling around with his brow. Trying out 3CE and rhomlon eyebrow pencil with Benefit "they are real" mascara for this brow look. 
Mentioned in my previous few post, using mascara to get a natural furry brow after you drew your ideal shape. Brow hacks 101.  
Fast forward to few days back, I had milk cow for the first time. I was enthralled by that very very milky taste of it that I had to come for it every week. Not much credits given for its honeycomb. Sorry! I must say, this is probably one of the soft serve I'd give a shit about after Wendy's. Because it is damn good. 
Last but not least, three cheers to this boy who just got his license two weeks ago. Weeeeeee~ lets me hold your steering wheel for you! (Next thing you know, the car gonna be scrapped the following hour. )
Gonna end this post this endearing boy of mine. 

Last but not least, yes.. My images are usually not in order because I'm random like that. Look at my web link again? Hahah! Apologise for that confusion people! 

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