Taste Paradise Food Tasting

Friday, August 21, 2015

    • At award-winning Taste Paradise, travel back to a time of affluence and power where no expense is spared to display the love for majesty. Gilded slates weave across the large expanse of the restaurant’s ceiling space, reminiscent of a dragon the mystical animal revered by the Chinese through the ages. In the main and private halls, a series of hand-painted, life-sized portraits of China’s most illustrious emperors complete the picture of grandeur.
      Apart from the impressive ambience, the dining concept also presents a world of refined dining with a touch of the contemporary. This is showcased in an elaborate menu of celebrated traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern interpretation, for a true taste of Chinese dining.
      Taste Paradise opened doors in 2006 as a cozy and intimate restaurant in Chinatown. With good reviews and at the encouragement of many satisfied customers, the restaurant was relocated to ION Orchard in 2009 to serve diners in a grand and majestic ambience, at a more convenient location.

    • Marking 9 years of establishment with tens of thousands of satisfied diners, Taste Paradise embarks upon on a journey of providing an exceptional dining experience that engages all senses with a new menu, refurbished restaurant interior and the usual excellence in service. 
      Crisp-fried Soft Shell Crab tossed with Pork Floss
    • I hate my food served soggy when I ordered it CRISPY or FRIED. This one totally won me and my mum's heart.
     Totally living up to it's name.
Combination of Pan-seared Foie Gras,
Wasabi Mayonnaise Prawn and Sliced Peking Duck 
Lai liaoooooo...my favouritesssss in a platter.

  • Superior Shark’s Fin in Supreme Broth accompanied with Crispy Spring Roll served in Japanese 
  • No Joke. My mum, knowned as the Soup-Master around my neighbourhood(okay lah, just our family and friends. LOL) actually gave this bowl an extremely good remarks. Not because it came in whole fin piece, but the soup is GGGGGOOOOODDDD.
  Pan-seared Kurobuta Pork with “Dang Gui” Sauce 
  Not to Herby for me. The pork is tender to LAST WARNING.
Yup, my mum agreed too!

  • Crisp-fried Edamame Tofu with White Truffle
  • and Mushroom Sauce 
    EH? Edamame instead of soy...White truffle sauce....
  • Guys, you gotta love this!

  • Stir-fried Angel Hair Pasta with Black Truffle Sauce accompanied with Assorted Seafood 
  • Another truffle sauce..not a fan of truffle but this really impressed me.
  • ..and my tastebud says GOOD JOB PARADISE.
Double-boiled Hashima with American Ginseng and Red Dates (Warm/Chilled)
Combination of Chilled Mango Purée, Black Glutinous Rice
with Ice Cream and Pumpkin Pastry 

The service is impressive.
The food definitely worth the calories.
The portion is just right. (or a little too much for my mum ? HAHAHA)
Overall dining experience with Taste paradise is just great.
A good place for friends gathering and definitely wonderful for your whole kampong.
A good dinner date option for you too.
If you do not have a date to enjoy this awesome dinner, it's okay......
......my mum would be happy to come here again.
That's all folks.
2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #04-07, ION Orchard, 238801
6509 9660

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