Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Adult acne. Nobody likes that. Nobody enjoyed been reminded about how bad their skin is. Nobody can get over that phase you made to them about their poor complexion. This could be a mental torture to US. Yes, us. Including me. 

Whenever I told people about how bad it was and how I counter it, these people would find it skeptical. Because they have yet to see my worst. I'm not being negative, instead I'm felt really thankful for what I have now. 

Everyone in my family does not have acne problem. Which supposingly I does not have it when I was young. 

Shits happen one day.. And my nightmare came true. 

I had my worst breakout ever and it was so bad I had to leave the house without makeup and it's too unsightly to go without a face mask too. 

How did it happen? Well, it just happen.
Not a good feeling and I cried almost every night. 

I tried many whatever youtubers tips on clearing acne and it just doesn't work and I turn to a dermatologist or GP actually to get antibiotic and cleanser to get em fixed. 

Does make a little improvement but once I stopped the pills, it came back worst than ever. 

Which one day, I decided to Google every single possible solutions to make my acne disappear without the aids of pills. 

And once my skin stabilised, is started scarring care kit to clear whatever that was left behind. 

Took me almost a year to go back to almost.... Almost the very first stage of acne breakout look I had and eventually almost to the skin I used to have. 

If you guys has been following my post, you would notice it wasn't as bad as the image I shown above. (Yeap, that's me) 

But, good days don't last forever. 
My bad breakout comes and go. 
Here's one of the latest bad breakout I had after so Long. 

But, it does not bother me as much anymore. When you know you're more than that! I go to work and town without my makeup without the fear I had in the past. I'm more than just Acne-face.

Of course, if I told you I'm feeling good with these marks over my face and I can't give a shit about it and just gonna leave em partying over the weeks... 

I Am Definitely LYING! 

So, been confident is one thing. But finding a solution to stop acne is another. 

I'm pretty sure you're more interested in knowing how I actually controlled my Acne and reduce my post-acne pigmentation instead of the #bemotivated #youarebeautiful content I'm suppose to put across in this post. K, but first..no promise or guarantee results from the solutions and I must emphasize that all skin are different. Because DNA are different.

1. Stop drinking 
2. Sleep early (before 10pm if possible)
3. Reduce on dairy products 
4. No spicy and salty and sugar for first month(best to avoid all times during the first three months) 
5. Eat cooked tomatoes every morning
6. Lemon and cucumber water day and night. 
7. Drink plenty of water throughout the day 
8. No BB cream or CC cream or liquid foundation or concealer or two way cake. till you only left marks and no inflam acne. Loose powder and compressed powder is fine. 
9. Avoid using makeup removal which contain oil. I'm using bifesta sebum cleansing lotion. 
10. Seek for professional advise from a beautician(avoid extraction and asked for high frequency treatment for a start) or dermatologist(which can be quite pricey.)
11. Avoid using oil blotting paper.
12. Cleanse your face often. Break the two cleansing a day rule for your case if your acne is pretty bad.opt for a gentle cleanser. 
13. Keep your skin hydrated so your red marks will start to look better. 
14. Avoid using whitening products with moisturising effect. Recommend to use hyaluronic-based. No oil content.
15. Don't rush every products in one shot 
16. Start with serum and gel moisturiser and avoid cream for bad stage acne. 
17. Stay happy, bodies does not work 
best at depressed stage. 
18. Apply sunshield whenever you're going out. Same thing, no oil. 
19. Take more tomatoes. Read point 5. 
20. Detox as often as you can. 

That's how my Magic works for me. Not every time... Because I no longer follow strict rules in time. Haha! 

Anyway, gonna catch my not so beauty sleep kinda sleep. Goodnight all! 

To make up for the scary images earlier on, a prettier face to end the night. Byeeeee~

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  1. Hi what about the Hada Labo Arbutin whitening lotion that you used few years ago? Does it still give good effect for long term use?