Thanaka powder benefit

Monday, November 28, 2016

Lazy Sunday but that's probably the only time I can do something for my skin. 

Speaking of natural skincare, I really think nothing can be as natural as Thanaka powder. 

I remembered a year back(hopefully not expired yet), I bought a thanaka powder from an online store.
Thanaka helps in whitening, reducing acne scarring, reduce pores, cool down redness, regulates moisture and it is one of the most raved natural ingredient used by Burmese as their anti aging skin care. 
Some prefer having their own branch and grinding stone to prepare the mask whenever they need it instead of the powder form. However, most natural stuff do not last for long as they does not have preservative. 
Not an avid user but I believe religiously using it would definitely benefit your skin in some ways. Of course! There are so many thanaka products in Singapore. You just need to "Google" for review and you should be safe! Haha

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