Monday, April 12, 2010

The very nice Beef Kway tiao from Xin wang Hongkong Cafe.
Tell you, i eat alot!!!:D
Sleepy eyes=(
4hrs of sleep, due to late night cafe world-ing.

Im just there to look look see see and EAT!:D
My casual look all year round:D
I seriously need to change my dressing style!:D
Pasta: YEA! Gimme a FOUR!

The very nice Ajisen Tomyum!:D
And...my favourite Fried Calamari.:D
THANKS FOR THE LENS SUPPORT!Im closing spree alr(:
Im still doing mask!(:
I will be gettin skinfood and etude house product in soon.
I miss my Birdnest mask! I gave them all to Thaiboy alr=(((
Bad move!
Im still under Dr chan's treatment.
The repair cream so far...Didn't see much difference.
The pills that im taking is drying my skin, and kinda peeling..
Dun worry! This is how it works..:D

To peel and heal..So mean while, im still chewing tomatoes.:D
So...It works!!!Since its peeling:D
Hope it gonna heal my scars vry soon.If not i might gonna get Kawaii tokyo product..
This gonna cost $80+++ for just a small stick!=(

Anyway, BB cream is very bad for skin.
If any possible, try not to use BB cream yo! If not will cause more outbreak!(:
And concealer is another hazard.But..you know its impossible not to have them!:D

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