Good thing to be a girl.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I baked Brownies today for my girls.(:

This plate is microwave brownie.
Microwave brownie is much more softer and it took only 3mins to be done.
It taste really good!
Thou my HOME ECON from sec 3 failed la.

This is the Oven-baked brownies.
It's like those normal brownie you tasted..
Hmm..crisp-er and dryer.
Best frozen in fridge before consume kind.(:
It took me about 15mins for the whole baking process.
Taste as good as four leave brownie ok!!!:D

I added..
DARK+MILK chocolate bars, OREO chocolate , Hazelnuts, Sugar, Plain flour, Oil,
Meiji Milk, baking powder, vanilla essence, two eggs..

Good thing to be a girl, even ur brownie failed...
The guy will still finished them as if they tasted darn good.:D
But i swear this new batch of brownie is successful one hor!(:

You can camwhore as much as you like and nobody gonna find you GAY!:D

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