Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Went down to fareast to collect my products from wendy and candy.
I told them about my skin condition and they were really nice to recommend me a series of products that is really good for me.
Most of their products were suitable for sensitive skin like me..
Frm bbcream to skin repair and toning and moisturising and many products you can name...
All of them here are all aesthetic , even doctors are using it!

It doesn't clog your pores and it revive every cells in your skin and repair them from inner out.

CUSkin products is have 3 different range mainly the consumer, spas and doctor series.
And of course, the doctor series is much stronger and need to be prescribe by doctors only.
For consumer products, this are some of the area where you can purchase them at your nearby NTUC Living Pharmacy branches

1. Ang Mo Kio Hub
2. Marine Parade
3. Great World City
4. EastPoint
5. Lot 1 Shopping Centre
6. Tanglin Mall
7. Thomson Plaza
8. West Coast Plaza
9. Tampines One
10. Suntec City

CUSkin supply to hospitals in Singapore like raffles hospital, camden medical
etc. Oh yea, enough say..let me show you magic..LOL
This is the most hot seller bb cream that is made of natural ingredient that is focusing on targeting problematic skin.

Recently, my skin was really bad due to sensitive skin..

Ugly bumps and and dry peeling skin.

Before doing my makeup, i will have to apply alot of creams and lotion..So troublesome!=/

But now, i can save up even more pre-makeup steps and just have everything in one step and still look natural and good.

Just mix the bb cream with a lil bit of your sunblock for easier smoothing on your skin and for more blendable natural tone...

And add bit loose powder and you're ready to go.The bb cream itself works pretty well on covering my bad uneven skintone and my really annoying red rashes and acne scars without clogging them.And it's not oily at all.(:

I was telling them i that i've got a shoot two days after and my bumps on my cheeks has been there for veeong and they are stubbornly not going off..So candy and wendy pass me another "MAGIC" that they love it alot. Proven to reduce redness and and reduce acne/pimple within 2days...Sounds to good?

It's under doctor's range, the content itself is much stronger and that explain why!:D

But don't worry, CUSkin allows you to purchase any of the products online and shipping it to you for free!!!!!! As for the doctor's range, you might have to sign a form before you can purchase.

That is so easy!

I tried thee first day..smaller bumps disappear, and those suspected area which might induced pimple surprisingly did not grow bumps..2rd day usage...bigger bumps reduce in redness..

3rd day, 2 of my bigger bumps reduced in size.IT WORKS!

MAGIC LIES IN YOUR up to you to try it or you don't.

And beauty is up to you to choose it or you don't.

You can purchase sample packs products of any 5 sachets for only $3, mix and match as you like and.... free shipping!

QUOTE my name, LINDA to enjoy 5% off products you are getting.(:


OH YA!CUSkin is having x'mas lucky draw!

Come join their facebook and learn more about it and receive more promos here!!

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