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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who says makeup will never be able to give the effect of how plastic surgery look.
Im very willingly to upload my old photo as i felt that it's nothing to be ashame of. :D

In fact, im thankful to be on the more creative side, which compensate on my poor skin.LOL

Sometimes, i felt that being too confidence will only allow people to get the wrong idea that you're just too snobby or proud. And it didn't bring us that far either.

I believe a little humble-ness and a little flaws will make us a perfect person.
When there's flaws, there's room for improvement..
and that is when we learn more things and
we will get to explore more stuff that we have never seen, hear, touch, feel before.

Sometimes, i does feel unfair on why people have this and that and i can only afford one thing that is almost nth to them. Comparison always the "FRUIT" that makes people realised selfishness, lies, suspicious, inferior, proud..
Comparison might be good as it forms as a push to improve...
but use it wisely..

Im from a very well-off family,
im not rich, borne beautiful or slim by nature..
I push myself to be better, and still remain who am i.

What's in me will never go away but will become better in time when i grow..
You do not change for others, you only improve for yourself.

I got bad does not make me lost my skill of communication.
Im not slim enough, but it doesn't refrain me from eating what i want.
Im not rich, but i can earn to get what i want. I can be independant.

I felt abit sorry for girls who tries to pull me down telling me how rich they are..
how easy they can get something they need or want..
How famous, how charming they are to attract guys..
Be it the hinting or the sarcasm or...the straight forward ways..
They are not going to survive in this hectic and hypocritic world..
Like what he older ones will say, one mountain is higher than the others(In chinese)
And lastly, it doesn't make you richer by giving such comments.
It only make your intelligence poorer in time..

I can't speak well, but i can express myself better.
Same goes to not attacking people's personailty if you do not know them well..

Blogs commenting on personality, badmouthing others and making fake accuse..
So far, i guess im pretty lucky to have nice and friendly readers and friends who give me their support and love in a way other than critism with not sense. Thank you thank you.

I does understand gossip is always juicy, and is very common among girls..
but when it comes to faking accuses and harming others for own sake..
im really very very pissed off.

I felt really angry when knowing my eldest sis who got bullied by those malaysians in her company. We are singaporeans, why are you giving in to them?

No education does not means no right to fight back own diginity.
And again, this is singapore, malaysians are here to work, not here to attack.
If you foreigners are here to create havoc, go join the terrorist team.

I used to be bullied...
and my family are always the one protecting me. The one who taught me to fight back for myself.
The life is ours, we got the right to speak...
the right to protect our dignity.
Again, this is singapore.

Everybody got their rights..
to speak,
to act,
to look good,
feel good,
love themselves,
love others,
to be who they wanna be..(:


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