Devilish makeup tutorial

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Get this look for halloween?
You're at the right place now..Keep reading!:D
After cleasning you face, apply toner, moisturiser...15min ltr..


as a base for you makeup.

Apply at your desire amount and spread them evenly on your face.
Next, apply concealer.
I got this concealer pen from my beloved Kaikai sis.
Dot it on troubled area.
Blend them. See..smooth and even skin again!LOL
Apply concealer on lower eye.
Dapped them lightly and evenly.
Apply loose powder or you compact powder.
Now, brush bit of the shimmering brown eye shadow on the eyelid.
Im using the lighter ton for the inner lid and a darker tone for the outer lid.
As below, top two photo lighter tone, follow the arrows to apply them.

Bottom two photos, darker tone, apply with a "C" movement.
Next, brush your eyeshadow up from the edge of your eyes..

Brush your bottom eyelid too..
Done with the eyeshadow part..

Just need to trim your eyeshadow edge as smooth and sharp as possible with cotton bud.
Now, the parallel eyelid(EXTRA DOUBLE EYELID)
Read here, to know how i did the eyelid(:

Next, use liquid eyeliner to line our eye. Add a lil curl up at the end to create a cat eyes look.

Line the bottom eye with pencil eyeliner.

Line only the outer lid.
Brush them lightly to blend them.
Now, i will use a darker shade of the eyeshadow to line them after the lower eye line.

This will helps to create a illusion of larger eyes too!(:

Done with the eyes, now the eyebrow.

Brush ur brow with eyebrow pencil or powder following the flow of your original brows.

Then, glued your lash bone and paste them near to your lash.. Next, face countouring... Im using a lighter shade and brush it along my high cheek bone and down to my
lower cheek.
Last steps to complete the makeup!

Apply lipbalm before your lipgloss to create a smoother and juicy looking lips.
You're done with it.(:
YEA! This gonna be just right for it.

Hope you like it.(:



  1. You look sweet and angelic sans makeup and oh so hot with makeup. Learnt a lot from your tutorial. Especially the parallel double eyelids instructions. I will try it.
    You rock, so cheer up.

    Lurker of your blog

  2. THKS IVY!Hope you love it.
    And good luck!(:

  3. Hey hello! Awesome makeup skills you've got there. Love all your makeup tutorials! :D Anyways, may i know where did you bought this denim halter neck top with zip infront? Have been looking for something similar, but to no avail. :/

    1. I got it from some blogshop very long time ago. :)