Im happy almost everyday..

Friday, October 22, 2010

Many people has been asking why do i get this dog(PUG),
she's so wrinkled, so ugly...
I told them ," She's ugly-ly cute what!LOL"
That is why my brother willing to pay a 2k just to fly Pasta from australia to singapore.
Pasta not always looked sad...she does have her happy times too!!
My classmate angie tagged me a photo that she edited on facebook.

I got so fierce meh?!LOL

Check out her waist, omg..I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHERE'S HER WAIST!


No boyfriend wants her now you know why she so sad uh...BUT!!!!!

We manage to caught her happy moments too....

"WAHAHAHAHA, That idiot in the mirror looks wrinkled"
Anyway, for those who really wanna know how i looked like before
i mastered the art of dolling up....
P.s: Please do not use it as your evil protection charm hor...Very mean ok!:D
Thats when i was secondary 3, high school.
And yea, my mum always nags at me everyday saying my hair was like one retard.
And my face are like muffin, round and puffy. I always laugh at myself even till now,
i just somehow find myself funny at times..and ya, im abit weird uh!:D
Went Plaza singapure with Michelle to get her bf's birthday gift.
She's darn funny, she wanted to get her bf a bracelet, and wanted to engrave
WA LAUUUU....Happy birthday??!!
Joker leh.LOL

And what makes me even happier today was that a sweet reader of mine recognise me in my super nua dressing(I always dressed like that la :D) and bare face.
First time people came up to me and tell me that they read my blog.
Really surprise. I hope i didn't scared her.LOL

I still wanna thanks all my readers who love me and who hates me and who also came to visit my blog or those who accidentally enter my blog fellas that...
I really appreciate the effort.
For at least, you guys make me feel that im not alone when im bored, sad or happy...

After that, me and michelle went to have our dinner..and shop around.
I bought a boxer shorts from BODY(cotton on)..2 at $20.
Super cooling and stretchable lehhhh!!:D
I remember i got one white boxer shorts from Forever21 at $11, i wore it few times and it's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im still suspecting if my sis took it or somebody steal it(My corridors alot thief), or...
I rmb once that she told me my pants are now too thin, can see my panty alr..
but who gonna see if im wearing it to bed!!!=((

Oh, time for bed, my very bad skin creating riot again..
Anyway, my scars are alot beta now, just some annoying pimple
popping up after my tomyum dinner yesterday=(
Somebody please control me, i should not take spicy food till my skin recoversssss..

Current love: CUSkin dr repair cream+ Dr chan's scar cream and cleanser.
And lastly, a whitening spa product from my sweet kaikai sis!


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