Eucerin Product review

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Received Eucerin Dermo purifyer products range from TheSampleStore.
This time, is a take risk plan to try out again.

Im willing to give a try as Eucerin is quite a renowned brand that worth the risk!:D

As it consist of a cleanser, scrub and pimple creme-gel.
Which obviously, i will have to stop my current cleanser and scrub to really see the effect of it.

The result of the cleanser:
Non-drying, remove left over trace of makeup efficiently, i tried for about 1.5weeks before i could really review on it. So it's not a real long time to really see my open pores getting tiny but....can feel that my skin is beta already.

All of their product is oil free, so do not clog pores, and also do not take for granted of not removing your makeup off properly. As this is a hazard no matter which cleanser you will still clog your pores..SO..REMOVE THEM PROPERLY WITH MAKEUP REMOVER..then use the cleanser as the last step for guarantee clearance.

As for the Scrub:
It aids in smoothing out my skin, unclog my pores and brightens up my complexion..more glowy as it promotes new skin which helps to absorb your after cleanse skin products easily.
There's lactic acid beads and micro particles in it..the exfoliating process wasn't harmful..
Doesn't gave me skin rashes after using or redness on spots after that. Thumbs up!

Pimple(Creme) Gel:
Reduced blemishes in 3 weeks, and moisturises effectively as written on the product itself..
So far, i would say, it works beta as a moisturiser to my skin..
My pimple are not getting any smaller but least fuming lo.:D
Lastly, it's not oily at all, fast absorbant and it doesnt smell!;)

Again if you still think photo is deceiving or my remarks is failing...

Go google it or try it yourself! Btw, who wants their skin to spoil?! LOL
Trust me la!:D

End of the day, a happy face!(:

Applying my makeup has never be so easy and smooth before!

Goodbye sandpaper face!:D

Check out more of their samples and products here!!!/

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