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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Had kite flying and Wishing lantern Airing ytd!:D

Met up with Jq and michelle to Marina barrage.
We bought our kites there.
Earlier on, we went to chinatown to search for the Wishing lantern..
And when we reached marina barrage. WTH!! They are selling there too!!=(
But well, a enjoyable trip to chinatown thou. Neh-mind..
Pasta expression darn funny. See her extra double chin and her big round eyes.
Awwwww....HAHAHA! I shot the right moment.

I don understand why china people eats anything.
DOGS also in their foodlist. Eyyer..*SHIVER*
Pasta old alr, she has got OLD PEOPLE FRECKLES on her tummy area.
My mum says dying.=.=
She's only 2yrs old.:)
She think too much!LOL

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