Herb Cleansing Oil, New love.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Introducing the MAGIC POTION! WOOH!

Received the Essential Cleansing Oil from AFC Japan last week.
Made from a blend of 4 natural plant oils (Rice Bran, Jojoba, Olive and Tea Tree),
the cleansing oil helps to dissolve makeup and unclog pores,
while nourishing skin without drying it out.
Was pretty hesitated to try out new products.
Normally i would stick to the old brands which works for me
and kind of afraid that new products will give my sensitive skin outbreaks or problems again.
But after reading how AFC Japan wasestablished in 1969 (Pretty long uh),
and how they gained the trust of millions Japanese for their premium quality supplements
and products, catering to health, beauty and wellness needs.
This is their 5th year in Singapore, since Lifestream Group brought them in.
Sounds reliable,
so i took this opportunity to show you some "magic" again.LOL

Effect of using herb cleansing oil with Cotton or tissue to remove my makeup:

Effect from light rubbing with fingers to remove...
See, all makeup off your skin!:D


Oil-based products work bestbest for removing waterproof makeup.

BUT SOME over-the-counter MAKEUP REMOVER PRODUCTS ingredients that choke up our pores.

And this is where pimple and blackheads and some annoying Weird bumps appear on our face.


Tried this Essential Cleansing Oil for 3-4 days alr, so far it does save a lot of my time on removing my hardcore waterproof makeup, be it eyeliner or mascara, doesn't clog my pores AND AND AND it moisturises my skin without leaving it dry and wrinkled or red after that.

For products that do not work well, you have to rub your eyes so hard that the delicate skin turns red. Surely, years of rubbing later, you end up with droopy eyelids, sagging skin that loses its firmness… and eventually wrinkles.

Eeeeks, you definitely don’t want this to happen! :D

AFC Essential Cleansing Oil other than removing all traces of makeup, it also helps to soften and balance the skin, with the blend of 4 plant oils.
It is also free from fragrances, colourings,preservatives and mineral oil.

Price of the cleansing oil: $34.90, currently on promotion at $31.40 ONLY!!!!

More information over here: http://lifestreamgroup.com/essential-cleansing-oil-p-230.html

Yea, this bottle of magic can really be my new love! Save time, save my face from wrinkles, save them from losing its firmness, save my skin from redness, save money, no need to buy two different removers to remove makeup.

Save my money on moisturiser and pimple cream….

What more can a girl ask for? :D:D:D It definitely passed my sensitive skin test

– no redness no itch after using.

OK, you can get it only through online and phone purchases from



call them at 6535 7333.

As compared to other cleansing oils in the market, it works effectively, but you know, so much cheaper :D

Check out their facebook here,

AFC Japan

I can finally get more time to play with pasta at night after come back from work alr!:D
THANKS AFC for their innovative products!:)

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