Romantic proposal

Sunday, May 29, 2011


My bro broke the trend of been lazy singaporean proposal yesterday of arranging a wonderful marriage propose to his girlfriend emily at SAF Opening house at Paya Lebra Airbase.
He's a delicated engineer for Singapore Airforce for darn long alr.

He decided to use one of the plane that he's been working on to propose.

He hired Djs for his 15mins "live show",

and get his officer to help him out in the whole process of romantic till die proposal.:D My brother was rather surprise that so many people actually crowd around to witness their love and confession.

Such a pity that the speaker weren't loud enough..if not will draw even more crowd.:D

We manage to trick her up to the aircraft and thing proceed as usual.
SWEET RIGHT!..The back of their shirt is..


After this, we had family dinner at Paradise Inn @ NEX.

I feel darn FAT that day.I had loads of Fat food.LOL


I had Yopait, Forme Yogurt everyday!(Only 50calories) LOW FAT AND SUGAR :D

I mix it with my pure disgustingly taste yogurt o reduce the Sour taste.

And it works pretty well. I added grapes and cherry tomato into it.

Made my breakfast taste really good and healthy!:)

Anyway, always read the nutritional Fact if you going on such intensive diets.

Those LOW in fat food always HIGH IN SUGAR.

For me i look out or Low n Sugar and Fat kind.


ENJOY YOUR DAY!I love my job and my workplace. IM ENJOYING EVERYDAY.

Dun even have the DRAG TO WORK kind of feeling.:)

You all should start to feel this way, that will make you feel happier and livier at work.


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