Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is my look for work. Yes, very light.

And i stop using bb cream.

Im using Murad's Primer and concealer and powder.

My skin becomes beta cos of lesser clog pores and scars lighten.

I would recommend a 2weeks fruit and oiless and sugarless diet if you wanna get a good skin.

You have to dra those toxic out in order to heal.

Importantly, some exercises!:)

It works for me! But of course, right now, i did take some tomyum soup and rice for my lunch!

Im not very hardcore now. I still eat like human but lesser than usual:)

Im currently about 45kg. (my weighing machine).

And about 46kg for the digital ones.:D

Lose about 4kg+?


Was really tired almost everyday as i slept like only 5hrs a day and wakeup at 6.30am every morning. HAHA! And of cos, i don't put so thick makeup to work la!:D

Remember i was saying my brother might got into news?:D

Yea..It really happen.LOL

Met up with Amelia After work.

TCC 1 for 1.

I had some salmon mentai spaghetti. But i did not finished it.

Sick of the taste. I still prefer the Cheese Stick. OMG..

For that particular day that i met Amelia, i had super thick makeup for work.
My colleague got a shock!
And they realised how makeup does wonder!:D

Im like a motivation of many lazy girls lo!HAHAHA.

And that night was sinful.

We had Durian Sago dessert and some side dishes.



Anyway, i love my job and my workplace.

What motivates me was the Vending Machine at our pantry.

I love all the drinks there!:D

How amazing it is to have hot milo and 2 cream crackers to go along for hgh tea.

HAHA! I guess you know my diet wasnt that scary after all.:D

Im having all this for many days alr. But of course i work out almost everyday.


Alright..I feel like working Part time on my weekend as well.

Can earn more income:)

I can save up to do my teeth! Or probably save up and do a small business?:D

My boss were really nice, they allow me to work part time o long it doesnt involove what our company is doing!!:)

Should i work for ben n jerry or frolick or yami yogurt or udders ice cream?:)


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