Supersize Vs Superskinny

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Been watching this for quite some time.
I find it interesting that how this girls and guys eating habit can be so drastic.
And whats best, in order to balance their diet, they were put to SWOP their meals everyday for i think 1week? yea..

And Those who need to gain, gain mass..
Those who need to lose...lose some fat..

Not just about variety but it's a really heart warming show.
Very motivating.

Talk about my current diet.
My sis and my mum were very worried about it.
But i really felt that it's good!
A rough plan diet for slimming.

MORNING: I had Paul's Original Set Yogurt 1 serving, plus fruits. Milo for energy in morning.
(Morning helps to burn fat twice as fast as in evening..)

Afternoon: Fruit salad plus Greentea OR Steam or Boil Broccoli with tomato.

(OPTIONAL)High tea: 1-2 biscuit, half cup of milo

Night: Paul's Original Set yogurt, lil fruits. (Gym after 1hr)

It's not really fix...i dun follow this plan..but i try to make it a less fat and sugar diet.
As i did gym almost everyday..probably 4-5 times a week very night.

And after the gym, i bath and use the pc and sleep. Might be hard for people who always had supper..But you have to tolerate. 3days of tolerate you will soon be getting use of the diet.

Thats for me..i can get use to those very fast though.
And of course you can still have your favourite fried or fried chicken or prata or laksa.. minimal.

I had popcorn chicken and fries yesterday. And i shared with thaiboy. the the amount im getting is about 50%.

And the thing about maintaining the 1 week, you can have your favorite food probably once or twice a week. But minimal, like i say.

Plan ur WISHLIST, like;

week 1: KFC

week 2: Fried Noodles

week 3: Pop corn chicken

So for that particular day say...sat or sunday..
You can have that WISHLIST FOOD and after that..back to your diet.

Thats how i reduce my fat.
I had my Latest Body analysis done yesterday as well with melissa. As we gym at Californian fitness again:D

This time..instead of reducing fat content, the analysis were showing..
+2.5kg more fat...and +6.5kg muscles...

No more reducing of fat but build more muscles.

15days...that change is drastic!:)
Means the diet works.
But of course..i will continue to build more muscles in order to burn away useless flabby on my thigh. He was saying, my thigh did look slimmer but...still flabby!;(

Guess i should tone up more..and maintain my diet so as to make sure i do not gain fat.

Im working in a office, aircon condition..
Im losing more water than if you were like me....
Working in such condition, you can take in more water if you feel hungry.
Sometimes you hunger is a signal to drink more water and not taking in food.

Im somebody who eat junkies almost every hour. But motivation is what keeps me going.
My office is always filled with junkies and those aw-so-super-shiok drinks..
Whenever i go to the pantry, i force myself to restrict to certain items..and amount.
IM NOT ANOREXIC, but i just doesn;t wanna waste that 15days of effort.

I been thru fat and thin and fat and slim..
I does know how you people feel.

I go for easy way out and the hard ones before.
I know the best way to trim my body and what suits me most.

From skipping meals to bulimic, to intense jogging to fruit and salad diet to Oil-less and sugar free diet to gym and food reducing diet...ALL AND ALL...i been thru.

I suffer and i get the result.
Skipping meal is BAD. As good as anorexic..And you will never get the good body you want. Which will eventually cause you depression in long run and liver and heart failure...

Bulimic will make you smell bad, behave and binge badly and depression as well. If you binge and you can't find a toilet.......HOW????:D..You gonna feel bad for eating too much and end are back to square one.

Intense jogging combine with oil-less ands sugarless...IS GOOD!
But once you stop for 2weeks...everything starts to come back...

So for my current diet, i combine fruit diet and low in sugar and low in fat diet..PLUS Workout.
It works beta and healthier.

For this diet, first 3 days you might feel tired easily as you body is trying to get us to the diet.
After that, you will feel your body lighter, you get more energy and your complexion gets better.

You save money on slimming pills, medical fee when you sick, on junk food, on softdrinks, skin products, look good on almost everything you wear, more confidence. You become more outgoing and bubbly. You think faster and easier. You don't pant so hard when you walk few distance.

Want a best way to look good??????


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