FOOD, And im not starving myself to slim!:D

Friday, June 3, 2011

I had tomyum and few mouthful of rice and 2 cream cracker plus one milo for my lunch.

AND...I had Multi grain loaf from breaktalk, for my breakfast.

I guess ytd was like a HEAVY EATING day.
But i enjoy myself alot.:D


Few days ago, i met up with Sheena And CY for Steamboat!:D

After our heavy meals, we went to cold storage.

I could not resist the temptation of buyin alot of Pack yogurts home.

I can really eat them for my 3 meals!:D

HAHA!And im really happy on that day as well, becos i had loads of food.

I really love eating and after i start my diet.

I really become more satisfy with any food around me.

Im nt picky and I can be really happy over just plain rice and tomyum every lunch time.:D


Ok, im still weighing 45kg even afte my heavy eating days.

But must always remember do not over eat! once or twice it's okay.

Just workout to burn them off lo!:D


My mum doesnt like me to go gym.

She hates my define collar bone, chest bone and shoulder bone.

By making her feel beta, i show my my thunder thigh.:D

My thigh does not have an obvious result on slimming.

But would say, they are least flabby..

They not not vibrating that heavily even on escalator!:D


I bought Nature's Wonders Fruits & Nuts Fusion to mixed for my yogurt.

For people who wanna try yougurt diet.

You can get PAUL's brand set yogurt. And you can add YOPAIT FORME 47-50CALORIES per pack yogurt to mix them with Paul yougurt to reduce the sour-ness..

and add abit Nuts to go along with.

TASTE SUPER GOOD!And i had that for breakfast every morning.

It kinda start out my body system in a more healthy and energetic way.

Feel less sinful and helps digestion and detox as well.


Koka low fat Cup noodles, Laksa. 70g.
With Tuna brine in water. 1-2 servings.
Plus Hot Green tea.

Or, Steamed Broccolli with carrots and Golden Mushroom.
1-2serving of Fruits.
1 Egg.

Thats how i survive la..When you are craving for carb.
Opt for Wholemeal bread.
Or..few table spoon of rice.
Or..GUO TIAO NOODLES(Instead of yellow ones)

For dinner, normally if im having gym later..
I will have only 1 serving of yogurt for energy.
Sometimes, my mum will boiled Fish Bittergourd or tofu soup.
I will drink abit too!

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