When you're happy, you look younger!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So sorry again for long no updates.
Been really busy gymming and working.
My birthday is coming! YEA!And i have yet to prepare for it.
Should i be stress or be happy?:D
Oh well, im happy everyday because my working environment is really pleasant.
I feel happy even on Monday.

Sometimes, i feel that psychologically, if you feel happy..
Your sub-conscious mind will naturally give you happy hormones even without chocolate.

Days pass darn fast..And i guess..Few more blinks, it's gonna be Pay day again:D

Anyway, i will blast you guys with alots of my new photos soon.
I bet u miss my firewall/ waterproof makeup face!:D

I owe you guys a makeup tutorial. I promise i will update them soon:)

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