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Thursday, August 28, 2014

I love carrying small bags on weekends when im out, especially to party or to place for a movie nearby. Compact size items is a must have to me.

Check out my Mini Items that I can’t leave the house without them.

Mini Rexona Deodorant, Mini Victoria Secret scented Mist & Mini Avene Thermal Spring water.

I love to feel fresh and SMELL FRESH everyday, every hour and these are the must-have things in my clutch/bags.

Speaking of which, Personal Hygiene do not just stop at smelling good…

Keeping bacteria low is the best way to prevent bad odour yoo~

So, I chose ADORE. My everyday “bacteria-fighter” panty liner & 1 week “Feeling fresh” sanitary napkin.

 One of my fav range: COMFORT ALL DAYS. ($4.90)
Suitable for travel. SO CONVENIENT!

ADORE Comfort All Days – a combo pack of 13s which was developed as an All-In-One convenience for anyone for the go. 

6pcs Day Pads | 24cm

3pcs Night Pads | 28cm

4pcs Light Flow Pad | 19cm


Extra softness for Ultimate comfort

High absorbency (cleaner, fresher, drier)

Leak-proof base 

Green Compound Strip breakthrough technology that inhibits bacterial growth, promoting freshness and improves feminine hygiene, ANTI-ODOUR!!!

ADORE’s breakthrough technology features green compound strips bonded with far-infrared rays and nano Agᶧ, emits around 6100cm3/s (100 to 150cm2/s) of highly concentrated negative ions to effectively inhibit bacterial growth, promote freshness and improve feminine hygiene.

Adhesive Strip that sticks well yet gentle to my undies.


Little mini MUST-HAVE.

With my panty liner.

Interested to know more about ADORE napkin’s range?
Check out the links here. :D

OH WAIT!!! There’s a little mini surprise coming along ur way soon..


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