Oxygen Glow Treatment with Estetica

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I believe most people knows that our skin needs oxygen. But how much do we exactly need to keep a healthy skin?
Every single day, our air quality gets worse and the content of oxygen we are breathing off around us is a sad 21%. In fact, we are taking in toxin more than oxygen.
That pretty much explain why people of the new generation age faster that they should.
PLUS PLUS PLUS , bad habit and lifestyle is the main culprit to our restless dull skin. SMOKE, DRINK AND SLEEPING LATE LEADS TO EARLY AGING
I’m pretty guilty of my really bad lifestyle, spending most of my weekend partying. Well, that’s one reason why I looked older than my siblings thou I’m the youngest. L
So devastated by the fact that i'm aging too fast , I decided to do something about it. Tried sleeping early and party in moderate still, it doesn’t seems to help much on my dark eye rings and saggy dull skin.

It’s a ton of happiness when I came across Estetica Beauty website and they has an array of treatments which specialized in Anti-aging and damage healing that would resolve my pain instantly.
So many raves on their facial, I MUST TRY RIGHT! :D
Since they are having $68nett Customised Facial Promo. Another $38nett for their Signature Eye treatment..WHY NOT! 
I visited NEX SERANGOON branch on a Sunday afternoon. I was assigned to Eileen, who has been with Estetica for over a decade. She seated me and did a skin analysis for my skin.

What so special about their skin analysis is that they comes in 9 different test function.
Hydration level, oil secretion, wrinkles, discolouration, pigmentation, sensitivity, pores and texture.

My therapist, Eileen. She carefully explained my skin condition and offered me treatments that what my skin needs the most now instead of pushing me to get something more expensive service.
Very professional.
Some bad scarring and discolouration. Hydration level below average. Saggy skin due to late night and unhealthy eating habits. So, Eileen recommended me Oxygen Glow Treatment. Add-on: Oxygen infusion, oxygen inhalation & oxygen spray for an ultimate brightening and skin lifting effect.

Naked dull blotchy face. MY HALLOWEEN LOOK FOR 2014.
Started off cleansing with Dermacalm cleansing milk and LumiWhite scrub.
After cleansing and exfoliating, Eileen applied their signature OptimaLift A+ Anti wrinkle Eye Cream which helps to reduce my baby fine lines around my eyes area due to my usual heavy eye makeup and also for my dark eye rings.
She did an extraction for me and lay on some soothing cream and cotton wool with toner for my open pores.

Surprisingly the extraction is bearable, wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.
She applied Lumiwhite essence before pumping the oxygen which helps to effectively brightens up my dark eye rings and balance out my discolouration of my skin. This machine pumps in pure oxygen into my pores. Eileen mentioned, this part 1 of 3 OXYGEN INFUSED helps a lot for people who drinks, who smokes, who regularly sleeps late and who is a heavy caffeine user. It stimulates blood circulation to help their skin to healthily drain out toxin.
My skin feels revitalized and bouncy after the pump section. I can really feel the instant revival of my exhausted eye area and the heavy smile lines seems lifted too.

After completing rounds of oxygen infused. Eileen gently massage the remaining essence into my skin.
Part 2 of 3.OXYGEN INHALE.
Yes, inhaling pure oxygen. That pretty much legit.
Our body needs oxygen too. When they are getting enough oxygen to stay healthy, ur skin glows naturally too!

What I feel about this?
Feels good, live well, look gorgeous.
Part 3 of 3. Oxygen spray.
Misty spray for a more intense hydration for my thirsty skin.
From here, you can already see my face looking 5x fairer and radiant.
(My face starts to glow)
Finished up with Purclear normalising cream to control my sebum.

Instant glowy and dewy fair skin. No red marks from extraction!! I’m very impressed seriously. Less visible pores now & Goodbye Blotchy skin. My skin still looked youthful and bouncy after waking up the following day too.
 My rating for this treatment: 4.5/5
Before treatment and skin on 2nd week after 1st treatment.

 Of course, daily usage of Estetica Sunshield and twice weekly masking with Vitalift A+ Brillage Mask helps in brightening my complexion too!

Changed and dolled up, ready to go for my dinner!!!
Jurong| Westgate #03­49| Tel: 6465 9118

Dhoby Ghaut | Plaza Singapura, #06­18| Tel: 6737 2234

Serangoon |NEX @ Serangoon Central, #02­37| Tel: 6285 6372

Bukit Panjang | Bukit Panjang Plaza, #04­08/09| Tel: 6766 9668

Choa Chu Kang | Block 307, Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4, #01691| Tel: 6763 7775

Marine Parade | Block 86, Marine Parade Central, #01670| Tel: 6440 0112

Punggol | Punggol Plaza #0105| Tel: 6343 9939

Tampines | Tampines Mall #B1­04| Tel: 6788 0188

Yishun | Northpoint #0357/58| Tel: 6755 5726



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