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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello earthing. Been really busy with my work. And finally got the chance to share my boring life with you all! :D
And yeah, painted my ugly short nails during my free time. (Badly done thou) but..... I'm grooming em at least! Haa!
Met up with Maine, Sheena and Martin during mid autumn. Oh that, I called it a beautiful tragedy. Mid autumn failed. Hahaha.. I'm sorry. 
Weekends are so precious to be wasted. Had a good drink with em interesting ppl of cz. 
Not forgetting my family too! (Attendance not full) 
Here's an OOTD of my mummy. 
To keep that smile on a Monday isn't easy. But, my managers are few of the nicest human I've even met. Grateful and blessed. 
 Went for my facial and woman of 24 needs to start maintaining before it's too late. Had my oxygen facial with Estetica. 
Super love their NO REDNESS extraction and their "Vanish pimple" magic stole my heart. *wink*

Last but not least, donning my very first long midi OOTD in my life. Looked pretty hobbit friendly thou. I don't looked that short in it. 
Had a comfort stayover with laine. 
Binge eating, movies and mini talks before we go to bed. 
Caught "Rose" with my friends of my life. Suppork our big eyed gf, Anqi. These ppl are the ones whom never failed to be there for me when I'm seriously depressed with anything in my life. 
Beron and Elicia don't worry, I wouldn't jio you all out in late night for hot milo anymore! (Super epic inside jokes, don't make fun of me alr :((( can? )
Quick meetup with Twinnie at my place.
Our nonsense and our random conversation makes everything feels better. 8 years and counting? 
Woke up with fever suck. To make it worst, I missed my 10years haopengyou's baby shower. Feeling bad. BabyDylan's first gift from Linda is still here! Can't wait to deliver it by myself soon. 

Eh?! It's 12.10am. Gotta catch some sleep! Good night ppl. 

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